This plant will produce only a rosette during the first year, so control during that time is critical. In its second year of growth this plant will produce many seeds which stick to animals, people, and vehicles. Houndstongue contains tumorigenic pyrrolizidine alkaloids which are toxic and can kill livestock

Weed Management Services

At All Terrain Weed Management, we provide an environmentally responsible approach to weed control. We will help you manage weeds on your acreage or in your yard. Click here for more details.

Why Spray for Weeds?

In Montana, it is unlawful for property owner's to propagate noxious weeds. Click here to read about more reasons to spray for noxious weeds.

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Based in Big Timber, MT, All Terrain Weed Management covers a large area in Montana, including Sweet Grass County, Stillwater County, Gallatin County, Park County, Golden Valley County and Wheatland County.

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